Through history Norwegians have been passionate about their environment and reducing their impact on Global Warming. As a result of this and their love of the outdoors Norway is a country that can still be visited and hiked through for days without seeing another soul. Its beauty and isolation brings people from around the world but with a country that’s spread over 2500km in length you will seldom have to worry about seeing them.

Hike it, Bike it & Paddle it

From 8-14 days, with options to combine Hiking, biking & paddling Norway truly has it all.

Depending on what you want to do we can go to anywhere from the Setesdal Valley in Southern Norway to the Jotunheinem National Park.

We will spend some time hiking then if the team wish we can then pick up our boats and spend the next few days canoeing or sea kayaking on the fjords and camping, either on islands along the way or find somewhere on the shoreline / beach. Biking is another great way to see some amazing places and this may be an option for you as well. We will be self sufficient for the duration of the expedition and will be carrying all our supplies with us. This gives us the opportunity to really get away from it all and stop in some truly stunning unspoilt locations. We may spend our first night in a traditional Norwegian Larvu.

“Allemannsretten” or as we might call it “Right of Access” Norwegians have a right of access to hill walking, canoeing, biking and camping. At Go Venture we take our environmental duties very seriously and as such will always strive to leave places better than we found them.

Things we may see

Things to see throughout Norway include Wild Reindeer, Glaciers, Musk Ox, Pine & Birch Forests, Lynx, Caribou, Wolverine, Lemmings, Arctic Rhododendron, Brown Bear.

Rest & relaxation

There are various rest & relaxation options for the team and these include White Water Rafting, Beaver & Elk Safari’s, Climbing, Zip Wire, and a high wire ropes course.