Overseas School Expeditions


GoVenture have been running expeditions for school groups for the past 11 years to various countries around the world. We continue to receive emails from past students updating us on their continued development and travels, which we love to hear about (please feel free to read our testimonials page).

What are the aims of our school expeditions?

  • To give the team and individuals the opportunity to develop Leadership and Teamwork skills
  • To challenge individuals physically and mentally
  • To develop a sense of responsibility for themselves, the other team members and the environment
  • To give the team the chance to experience a different culture
  • To complete a challenging trek
  • To make new friend
  • To have FUN and enjoy themselves

A range of tasks and activities that concentrate on teamwork and effective communication will be employed during the trip in order for individuals to improve their interpersonal skills and to improve the way in which the team works together. All these skills are very relevant life skills which can be utilized in higher and further education and in the work environment and looks good on a CV.

The great outdoors has long been cited as an ideal setting to encourage and develop these skills together with continual guidance and support from the adults, who have overall responsibility for safety and ensuring the well being of the team whilst on expedition.

Expeditions are available to a variety of destinations (see the links to the right); these can be tailored to the need of the group and / or the school. They can last anything from 7 – 28 days. We have also been running The Duke of Edinburgh Award for the past 5 years and pride ourselves on the continued growth and completion rate that the students attain.