Fitness Requirements



The time left will pass quicker than you think, before you know it we will be ready to go...




Will you be ready?


  • No hard and fast rules here, it depends on what you do already
  • Try three or four times a week for about 10 minutes at a time, in the first few weeks
  • Then increase this to 15 minutes for the next two weeks
  • Then 20 minutes for a further two weeks
  • Then 30 minutes etc.
  • Start small and build it up, there is nothing more off putting than doing some exercise
  • then spending a week getting over it
  • If you are quite an active person then you may only need to do a bit extra specific to the expedition, i.e. walking with boots and a rucksack
  • Most importantly start doing something that you enjoy, so that you don’t get bored and stop after a few weeks.
  • Try to train with someone else as this is usually what gets you out when you cannot really be bothered. Speak to a few others that are going on the trip or drag your parents/guardians out. They will love it…eventually.
  • Try a few different things to make it more interesting, like walking, running, swimming, biking. Or go to
    the local gym and they will work out a training schedule for you. Your school P E department may also be able to
    advise you.
  • Before taking on any exercise it is advisable to seek advice from your doctor especially if you have any
    medical conditions.
  • Remember the fitter you are the more you are likely to enjoy the expedition as you will be better able to
    take part in what is happening around you rather than
  • trying to just get to the next camp site.
  • Always remember to warm up and cool down when exercising.
  • Take in plenty of fluids (water) as dehydration will effect your performance and Recovery.
  • Keep a record of what your doing and for how long. You will see an improvement and this should spur you on.
  • This is a life long thing that many people feel a great deal of benefit from and continue doing well after the expedition.